Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an account?
Getting an AoWS account (otherwise known as an Age of Warscape ID, or an AoWSID) may seem complicated at first glance, but is actually easier than it may seem. Getting an account is a crucial step, though. Before you can even get started with Age of Warscape, you must first get yourself an account.

Having an AoWSID will not only allow you to play the game, but it will also enable you to use the forums, get accelerated support, buy subscriptions, and more! Signup does not take long, and only requires a valid email and a good idea for your username!

If you do not have an account, then head on over to the AoWSID registration page. You will be greeted with a short, simple form that should not require much effort to fill out.


Name -
This box is where you will fill in your username of choice. Be sure to choose wisely, as this name will identify you across the Age of Warscape network. Usernames must be original, family-friendly, and under 35 characters. Usernames cannot contain spaces or other special characters.

Email -
Enter a valid email in this box. You must have access to this email, as it must be verified before you can use your account for anything! You cannot use an email that is already linked to another account. This email will also be used to reset your password in the event that your forget it, and can be used to login if you do not remember your username. This can be changed later, but will need to be re-verified.

This is where you will fill in your password for your account. Be sure to make it hard-to-guess and something only you will remember, which will help increase your account's security and make it less likely for a hacker to breach your account.

Confirm Password -
Simply repeat your password in order to verify it. This is to make sure that you made no typos in your password, and to make sure that you can remember it.

Gender -
Select your Gender. You can choose to keep it private by selecting "Unspecified", if you'd like.

Date of Birth -
This is optional. You may enter your date-of-birth here.

Faction -
Choose the Faction that you would want to declare your allegiance to. This is purely cosmetic and will not affect anything in-game or on the forums.

Verification -
This is to verify that you are a human and not a bot. Enter the text that appears in the box to the right. If you cannot read it, click the "Reload" button. This is not case sensitive.

All fields are required to be filled out (except for Date of Birth), and all can be changed later (except for the username) in your User Control Panel (commonly referred to as the UCP). Once you finish all of the fields, click the button to create your AoWSID. Congratulations, you have created your AoWSID!

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