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Tips for a secure account
Want your account to be as secure as it can be? We recommend following these tips to help keep your account safe, secure, and accessible to you:

  • NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE! Even friends or close family. You never know who will tell everyone your username and password.
  • Do not use a temporary email - If you do this just to get your account verified, then you will be unable to recover your password if you lose it. Depending on the service, other people may be able to access the same email that you used just by typing it in, which will allow them to easily reset your password and lock you out.
  • Always allow emails from administrators to be sent to you - This setting, found in your notification settings, allows the administrators of AoWS to send you email messages. These messages, though uncommon, will usually be sent in the case of a data breach, site maintenance, policy change, or a temporary site/server shutdown. If you prevent admin emails to be sent to you, then you may miss out on important announcements regarding your account's safety.
  • Choose a secure password - Do not use an easy-to-guess password, like 12345, "Password", or your username. Easy, simple passwords make it easier for hackers to guess your password and break into your account, or even leak your account information for others to see and use. Try to create a complex password that only you would be able to guess, such as including a mix of upper/lowercase, letters, numbers, and underscores. A much more complex password will make it harder for somebody to guess, and prevent you from being hacked. Be sure not to make it impossible for even you to guess; you might lock yourself out of your own account.
  • Be sure that you can access your associated email - Your email is used to help log you in, reset your password, and receive messages from Age of Warscape. Having access to this email is key to help keep your account secure, as being able to access it will allow you to reset your password in case you can't remember it or somebody hacked and changed your password, and receive messages from the AoWS Administration team. If you no longer have access to the associated email and you are still logged in, change it to one that you do have access to.
  • Be careful what you click on - When clicking external links, be sure to check where it leads to before clicking it. Some people may disguise malicious links in order to mislead you to a fraudulent website. Links that look fishy or sound too good to be true should be handled carefully. Also, if the user posting the link seems off, then check to see where the link actually leads before clicking it (hovering over the link, or inspecting it to see where it links to).
  • Pay attention to what you type in the address bar - When trying to access the website, be sure that you did not include any spelling errors in the URL. Some hackers might create a fake url with common typos to direct you to a fake AoWS Website, such as "". These websites could be designed to resemble ours, and might be able to steal your username and password when you type it in.
  • ILMX/Developers will never ask for your password - Employees at ILMX or AoWS Developers/Administrators will never ask for your account information, especially your password. We respect your privacy and will not ask for any information that we do not require. Remember, never give your password out to anyone.
  • Don't trade accounts - Although this is discouraged in the AoWS network, you should not trade your account with someone else's. You have a pretty high chance on being scammed or phished from trading accounts with somebody. Remember, your email, personal notepad, private messages, forum posts, and other personal data are all accessible on your account, and anyone logged in under your name and password can see/modify/leak it.

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